REVIEW: Close Talker – ‘Flux’

“Flux,” a word capable of being defined solely by site, is typically associated to fluctuate, by similarity of pronunciation and meaning. As it relates to varieties of movement, flux can be closely correlated to musical composition. Typically, music must be performed in sequential order compiled properly to produce a full song. Every musician or band has his or her own unique approach to said process, in this particular instance the spotlight is shining on Close Talker.

In the cold lands of Saskatchewan, where this indie band calls home, is the origin of their melodic masterpieces. The combination of various instrumentals and lyrics flow harmoniously on the band’s second full-length record, Flux, courtesy of Nevado Records, available on November 4. Thus far, “Burnstick” and “For the Sun” are insight for what is to come with styling similar sounding to Bon Iver and perhaps faintly of Iron & Wine. Electronic elements pair well with string sections and guitar melodies.

Physics defines flux as “a quantity expressing the strength of a field of force in a given area,” which syncs well with the vibe of Close Talker. The intention to achieve strong, melodic sounds while maintaining a rhythmic flow is a delicate process, but successfully achieved (and in only three weeks) with Flux.