Review: Black Taxi – ‘Electroshock Death Grip’

'Electroshock Death Grip' available now via No Shame Records.

When you think of what a self-described “dance punk” band from New York City would be, Black Taxi is exactly what you would imagine. Every song on their sophomore album Electroshock Death Grip would be just as at home in a city club as it would be in the H&M down the street. The upbeat dance grooves, partnered with tight drums and funky guitars, and topped with cleverly blunt lyrics take one on an electrifying listening trip.

The opening track “21st Century” sets the mood for the whole album, letting listeners know off the bat that these are some modern pop tunes, meant for the here and now. Although the album at times hints at earlier eras and genres, this tune very clearly states what decade it is when they sing “we’re living in the 21st century.” However the introduction of trumpet, keys, guitars, and vocals gives off a very Cake-like vibe, which does carry through the rest of the album.

One of the most intriguing titled songs “Only Room For One Ninja In This Town,” features a punchy synth underneath strong lyrics like “I lost my innocence, now I have no fear.”

Many songs feature instrumental sections, showcasing the guitars that vary in sound from grungy in one track to tight and bright in another tune. Several songs also exhibit horns, such as the closing track “Into The Night” that opens with a trumpet solo, which then comes in and out throughout the tune.  Additionally on “Even Further” the guitar and trumpet have a nice dialogue going on between the two of them right before the last chorus.

Black Taxi have created the playlist to your next party with Electroshock Death Grip. You could always throw in a few of these tunes alongside Imagine Dragons, The Strokes, or MGMT and you will have yourself an indie dance pop soundtrack to keep you grooving all night.

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