LIVE REVIEW: God Is An Astronaut – Paris, FR – 9/16/14

Even without lyrics, a God Is An Astronaut show can rock a sold out venue.

When arriving in front of the venue in the late afternoon, not a lot of people were queuing up. but as soon as the doors opened, the crowd became bigger and bigger, as much in front of the stage, at the bar, or merch. When Swedish band Moonlit Sailor hit the stage, the crowd started moving, dancing to the band instrumental music, with vocals that reminded lyrical chants, like a choral. Their set went on, the crowd was moving along, getting ready for the headliner band of the night, making the venue of La Flèche D’Or, the Golden Arrow, warmer, and sweater. At the end of the set, the crowd rushed out of the venue to the patio, aka smoking area, to breath fresh air, before God Is An Astronaut.

The set times was reading that God In An Astronaut show would be 2 hours and half long. That didn’t lie. As soon as they jumped on stage, with the band original drummer, Lloyd Hanney, as the current drummer had to leave the tour for injuries, nobody could stop the crowd, as the band did not even try to do an encore, because they knew Paris wanted more. Just like Moonlit Sailor, God Is An Astronaut showed their musical skills, from instrumental, to slow songs, and heavy music, reminding of some Linkin Park and Brand New songs. Crowd surfing happening, and Jamie Dean, GIAA guitarist/pianist/vocalist, stage dived while playing his guitar, and performed in the crowd. Rou Reynolds of Enter Shikari also stage dived once, in the same venue. According to the band’s Facebook page, on which they shared a full set video (see below), temperature went up to 48 degree. Not bad for one of the first show of the season.

All photos and review by Edouard Camus