Hawthorne Heights and TWLOHA bring a “Hope Revolution” to Atlanta!

To Write Love on Her Arms, or TWLOHA as it is commonly referred to, typically requires no explanation.   Everyone knows what it is or has heard of it before. One can say, with plenty of reassurance, that their purpose is loved by all. A beacon of hope for anyone who finds themselves in the darkest of corners, Jamie Tworkowski had adream, to be that outlet people turn to for help.

TWLOHA2When a friend asked to wear one of the first TWLOHA shirts made for the non-profit organization. Switchfoot’s lead singer, Jon Foreman, was that friend. A black shirt that read ‘To Write Love On Her Arms’ made its’ debut at a performance that evening. The question at the forefront of everyone’s mind, “What is To Write Love On Her Arms?” The answer serves as a source of light and positivity, in a seemingly endless dark tunnel.

Since its’ beginning, TWLOHA has received support from numerous musicians and bands. The focus of this piece is Hawthorne Heights and its former unclean vocalist, Casey Calvert. Calvert tragically passed away in 2007, but he will live on forever in the memory of his band mates and the fans. During his life, Casey Calvert spoke in interviews about suffering from depression and that TWLOHA made a positive impact on him. He was always seen wearing their logo as a constant supporter.

When Hawthorne Heights embarked on their most recent tour, celebrating the 10-year anniversary of The Silence in Black and White, TWLOHA was the primary sponsor. Hawthorne Heights, collectively and individually, have always supported the non-profit. The Hope Revolution Tour came through Atlanta on September 19th.   Anticipation was high to see TSIBW played live. After a couple minor sound tweaks, the stage was set for Hawthorne, but first TWLOHA’s moment in the spotlight. Chad works for and represented the non-profit on the tour. He gave a very heart felt and powerful speech encouraging others to reach out because there is hope, there is help.


Chad graciously introduced Hawthorne Heights. Excitement radiated from the band and throughout the entire room. The crowd sang along word for word to a set list of only TSIBW tunes, favorites like “Blue Burns Orange”, “Silver Bullet”, “Niki FM”, and “Ohio is For Lovers”. There was however, one exception. Another beautiful message was conveyed by JT and felt by all the guys, during a surprise break. They took a moment to remember their beloved brother, Casey, followed by a performance of “Bring You Back”.   The lyrics sing true that JT, Micah, Matt, Eron (who amicably parted ways with the band recently) and Mark (a more recent addition) will forever do anything to have Casey back with them.

Mixed emotions of sadness and remembrance for Casey resonated throughout all the hearts in the room. After the set concluded, JT was at the merch table so that he could to meet anyone and everyone. A few fans also made a point to speak with Chad about how his message really had an effect on them and how TWLOHA has helped them throughout their lives. One very generous fan made a $100 donation to the non-profit.

Overall, it was a great night of inspiring hope and happiness mixed with stellar tunes from Hawthorne Heights, a band who has passed test of time with exceedingly spectacular fashion.

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