LIVE REVIEW: The Maine – Manchester, UK – 10/6/14


Despite a last minute venue downgrade, Arizona natives The Maine seemed in high spirits as they took to the stage in Manchester’s Academy 3.

They played an array of old favourites, receiving a most deserved reaction. It’s clear that not even the crowd, packed into the quaint and tiny room, care that the room has been changed. There’s a lack of a barrier making for a more intimate show, making for an easy connection between the band and their fans.

That connection shows around midway through the 19 song set when singer John O’Callaghan introduces “Some Days.” “Put your phones in your pockets and cameras in your purse. Just enjoy it, don’t stop moving!” He persuades, using a small anecdote of a show he enjoyed himself and instantly the raised hands drop to hide away their devices.

If nothing else the set left fans anticipating a new release, with a whole host of new songs to dance to and we can hope that’ll come with another tour soon.


Photos and review by Kelly Hamilton