Full Of Rage With Nicolas Cage Tour Blog 2 – Jordan of It Lives, It Breathes

What’s up!

Jordan here, Screamer and Bassist of the band It Lives, It Breathes!

So it’s 4am, and we are on our epic journey to Jasper, GA. We’re only 16 days in to the Full of Rage with Nic cage tour with our good friends in The Nearly Deads and so far, the tour has been nothing short of amazing.

Earlier this week, we had a chance to play one of our favorite venues in Pennsylvania (The Champ). Our fill-in drummer Ben is from the area, and we’ve made many friends in the past playing there so we knew it was going to be a rad night. It was awesome seeing all of the familiar faces, and getting acquainted with some new ones as well!

After The Champ, we headed to Delaware where we got a chance to bring the rage to Accent Music Live in Wilmington. The venue was in a music complex that we were able to film a few cover songs at (you can see them on our Instagram @itlivesitbreathes), and the bill was STACKED with some of the best local bands we’ve had the pleasure of playing with.

Afterwards, we headed over to Baltimore, MD for our show at Fish Head Cantina. It was football Sunday, and we are a New England based band, so naturally we are all diehard Patriots fans. We got to the venue early, and my dudes hung out and watched the Pats KILL IT!!!

That night, we had the absolute pleasure of sharing the stage with a young and extremely talented punk band by the name of FACEPLANT. I just want to take a moment in this blog to share with you these amazing individuals…

We met FACEPLANT in March on our last tour with TND, and were absolutely blown away by them. Although they’re all very young, you would never know by how well put together they are. They totally stole the show!!! On top of being incredible musicians, all of the members and their family were amazing people as well. They support us and are like family now.


When we arrived at the venue Sunday, the FP crew surprised us with little care packages consisting of snacks, toiletries, and a plethora of other things that make life on the road much easier for us. We were so incredibly humbled by the random act of kindness, and it still warms my heart just thinking about how much thought and love they put into helping us be more comfortable on the road. Naturally, they stole the show again and gave us all the hope we need for the new generation of musicians!!!! We love you Faceplant!


After Baltimore, we headed over to Springfield, VA to throw down at Empire. At first, the day seemed really dark and gloomy… The weather wasn’t cooperating with us, and because of it we were all sort of sluggish and bummed out. However, as the night progressed, it took a complete 180 and became one of the most memorable shows of this tour so far!!! The venue is absolutely gorgeous, and we had such a good time with everyone who came out and screamed the words with us.


The following day was actually a day off, so some of us and The Nearly Deads decided to go exploring in Washington, D.C. Although Washington is not van-and-trailer friendly for parking purposes, we finally worked it all out and got to spend some quality time in the capital! It was absolutely awe inspiring to finally see it and take in all of the history. To stand in the spot at the Lincoln Memorial where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke the famous words “I have a dream”. To stand before the statue of Abraham Lincoln, the Washington Monument, and the White House… It certainly brings out a level of patriotism in me. I love and appreciate this beautiful country we live in, and I know how lucky I am to be able to travel throughout it and see these amazing things. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


After our day off in the capital, Us and TND split up for separate shows, and we headed to Stafford, VA! The show was at a little venue by the name of Grog and Tankard (how awesome is the name?!). We had an absolute blast there.

And that brings me to the 10 hour journey we are currently on now to our show in Jasper, GA. I can’t wait to see what else this tour has in store, and to meet some new friends on the west coast!!

See you soon

– Jordan

It Lives, It Breathes