Full of Rage with Nicolas Cage Tour Blog 1 – TJ of The Nearly Deads

Somewhere in the Northeast…..at a Dunkin’…

So…Nicolas Cage has nothing to do with this tour. We just think he’s awesome. Our tour-mates, It Lives, It Breathes, have a brand new song named “Full of Rage feat. Nicolas Cage” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCU9tlXe_U0). It sounded so cool we had to name the tour after it. Plus, we like the use of the word rage in general.


On the first date of tour we returned to Unruly Brewing Co. in Muskegon, MI. I can’t say enough how much we love that little town. We always get such a warm reception, and it’s really cool to see our crowds getting bigger each time we come back. We even got to chill with a Very Important Zombie, one of our generous Kickstarter donors! We finally reunited with our buds in ILIB, since we hadn’t seen them since our first tour together back in March. The crew at Unruly always shows us a good time, and they truly support independent and original rock music.


After the show, we had the brilliant idea to stay up and drive overnight to our next show in Indianapolis. It’s something It Lives, It Breathes does regularly, so we decided to give it a try and stick with them. It was kind of nice waking up and already being in the city we were playing in. We slept in and hung out in the city all day…only to find out about 2 hours before the show that it had been CANCELLED! We were crushed! We hate canceling shows but we had nothing to do with the decision and there was NOTHING we could do about it. So, we decided to cut our losses and move on to our next show in Kent, OH.

We were lucky enough to have a really awesome place to stay at that night near Kent, with our new friend Mitch. His family is really sweet and supportive, and had recently befriended ILIB. We pulled up, tired, at about 3am…only to stay up until 6am playing Cards Against Humanity together! After sleeping in the next morning, we did a quick workout, and I went for a jog. We really do try to stay fit and healthy on the road. I guess we’ll see by the 3rd blog if that actually worked out for us. I love that I can clear my head and get some fresh air in my lungs, and also that I can get a little time to myself. The show that night was great. We saw some old friends and played with an awesome local band, Goodnight Tonight. Lots of posi vibes. It was an early show, so afterwards we headed out with some friends to Akron, OH and painted the town red. The dudes had a REALLY good time.


The next day we headed to Watertown, NY, and almost didn’t make it because our trailer tire fell off! We were about 5 minutes away when all of a sudden we heard grinding metal on the ground. We thought we just popped a tire, and when we looked at it, the entire wheel fell off. We got help from the local cops, and It Lives, It Breathes let us borrow their gear so we could make the show and not have to cancel. Morale was low, but we usually don’t let stuff like that hold us down too long. We showed up to what should have been a miserable show at an outdoor festival on a day that was already cold, rainy, and muddy. But our loyal zombies totally cheered us up. They were already there, waiting in the rain all day for us to arrive, and they were ready to RAGE! We had one of our best shows ever that night. We also got to hang out with some of our Very Important Zombies that night. We are so lucky to have so many amazing people support us and help keep us on the road, and now that we’ve been touring for a few years, it’s very humbling to keep seeing people drive out of their way to catch us every time we come near them. I love being able to connect with our fans and learn about them, too.


We got a hotel room that night so we could wake up nice and early to check on our trailer. The local tow shop actually went out of their way to find us a part and fix it first thing in the morning so we wouldn’t need to cancel our next show in Poughkeepsie. So we waited at Dunkin’ Donuts until it was ready, then we hit the road, faith in humanity reaffirmed! We had to arrive a little late because of the repair, but it all worked out OK. We made some new friends and saw some familiar faces that we hadn’t seen in far too long. After that we actually had 3 days off in a row! We don’t usually plan it like that, but we had some last minute cancellations again. We were supposed to meet another Kickstarter donor, Jason, for dinner before a show, but since his show got cancelled, we brought it to him! We drove down to New Jersey, had dinner at a LEGIT diner, and then headed back to his place for some acoustic jams. We had SUCH a good time, and we now have a brand new member of The True Crew, the highest honor a zombie can achieve!


Since It Lives, It Breathes is from Providence, Rhode Island, we actually got to hang out with them in their hometown on the other two days off. After the cancellations and trailer complications, we really needed to unwind. I got to do some sightseeing along the cliffs of Newport and at Battleship Cove, and the guys got to chill, play video games, and have some bro time. We all got to record a little surprise on a new ILIB song! Stay tuned…


Then it was off to Auburn, Maine for our show, which just ended. Right now I’m sitting in a Dunkin’, writing this on our way to Lemoyne, PA. We’re playing The Champ again, and if it’s anything like the last time we played there, it’s going to be out of control! We can’t WAIT! We’ve met so many amazing people over the years as we keep touring more and more, and this is only the beginning. Every time we come back through a city, the crowds keep getting bigger, and we can slowly see the music scene starting to blossom again in all these towns. We’re happy we can be a part of it. It’s amazing to see so many young musicians, especially young girls, forming their own bands, practicing, working hard, and making music they absolutely love! The ambition is contagious! It actually inspires us to see so many kids up there on stage giving us a run for our money. I also credit their parents, for supporting them, buying them gear, driving them to the shows…the next generation is on the way!