FEATURE: Black Taxi Hails From NYC, Releases New Album

Black Taxi is a rising rock band hailing out of New York City. The quartet has released three full-length albums, established a strong crowd attendance for each live show and has made a name for itself throughout the country. After creating music for more than seven years, Black Taxi has released its newest LP, Electroshock Death Grip, via No Shame Records.

But the release of the album isn’t the only thing the band has had to deal with. Not only finishing a month-long tour in August, the members recruited drummer Daniel Gould by finding the musician on Craigslist earlier this year. Just like any new situation, the members handled the replacement of former drummer Jason Holmes with ease. Vocalist Bill Mayo said Gould has been nothing but a step forward for the band.

“He has the same musical mindset as us and we’re all operating as a team and for that to happen so quickly it was really helpful,” Mayo said. “We’re definitely always moving along great with him and the transition couldn’t have been smoother.”

As if Gould, as the new drummer for Black Taxi, is a change for the band, Mayo said its sound has evolved since starting in 2007. While beginning as a straightforward rock band, Black Taxi has incorporated trumpets, piano and drum and bass into its sound today. With the new release of Electroshock Death Grip, Mayo said it’s all about keeping a fresh sound.

“It was more just natural,” Mayo said. “You listen to something that inspires and you say, ‘Oh I want to make something like that.’ We just started naturally putting in different elements into the band because we like the production of sound and making things sound new.”

And finding that specific new sound with the band has sparked a liking from people on the west coast. While on tour and playing shows in Los Angeles and San Diego, Mayo said he noticed there were many people attending shows. Black Taxi has performed in California before but this was the first official tour where the band could show more people its music. With the help of Spotify and YouTube, Black Taxi were able to sell out venues in far places and play to people they have never met before.

“The music feels different to them than it does to me,” Mayo said. “It makes them feel something. To show up to any city and to someone you’ve never met, it’s a really odd feeling, honestly. It’s great that what I write has given people any kind of emotional response.”

Getting the attention of fans in as many places as they can is important for Black Taxi, and that’s exactly what the members hope for with the recently released album. While already having a secured position to perform in New York City on New Year’s Eve, Black Taxi will be touring throughout 2015 and ultimately trying to reach as many people with its music as possible. Electroshock Death Grip isn’t only a new release for the band, but the next step for Black Taxi as well.

“I hope the album speaks for itself,” Mayo said. “It’s some of the best lyrics that I’ve ever written. I think everyone contributed something different in the band. We want to keep growing this music as much as we can. Hopefully it helps us keep doing what we’re doing.”