EXCLUSIVE: Plaid Brixx Premiere Music Video For “Hipster Queen”

Plaid Brixx hail from Substream’s home state of Ohio, and today they’re exclusively premiering their brand new music video for “Hipster Queen.”

“Hipster Queen” is a playful shot at the too-cool Brooklyn stereotype. The video follows Chris Duggan of Plaid Brixx around town as he trails the colorful and comical antics of his own “hipster queen.”

Chris Duggan on “Hipster Queen:”

Living in New York during college exposed me to a lot of the hipster culture – I may have even bought into it a little bit, so the tone of the song is meant to be a playful caricature and not a sarcastic critique of the culture. My college girlfriend once bought a pair of eyeglass frames and actually wore them out all the time – which was my first inspiration for writing about this topic. I set out to write a song that said: “I love you even though you do ridiculous things like parade around in faux glasses with perfect vision.” During my time in New York, my band practiced in Williamsburg and I had a ton of friends living there so we used to hang out there all the time – there was plenty of inspiration for the rest of the lyrics through those experiences.

Check out the video below and be sure you don’t miss Plaid Brixx at CMJ next week!


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