EXCLUSIVE: Heart In Hand talk new record, A Beautiful White, out Nov. 3

U.K. natives Heart In Hand have been hard at work for over a year as the upcoming release of their third full-length album, A Beautiful White, peers it’s head around the corner. The melodic hardcore five piece are coming out guns blazing with the recent drop of their first single, “Poisoned Pen Letters,” and according to Guitarist Ed Hartwell, listeners can expect to hear some new tricks they’ve never heard before from the band.

“In some of the songs, there are some different parts that we would have shied away from in the last couple of albums, but this time we decided to do what we wanted,” said Hartwell. “We’re very aware this is a fickle business. We never know [if] this could be our last release. You never know when that might happen, so just do what you want to do.”

Drawing from their array of influences such as Stray From The Path and Deftones, the group has brought in more metal undertones with A Beautiful White. Hartwell said the reception has been mixed, but the band is excited to get more widespread reactions with the help of their connection to Century Media for promotions via Siege of Amida Records.

“It’s always really nerve racking when you release stuff, especially if you get more in the public eye,” Hartwell explained. “If you get more people [to watch it], you can get a lot more people that hate it.”

More than anything, Heart In Hand want to something they’ve never been able to before; tour the world. Hartwell explains being stationed in Europe is always great, but the group wants to head into uncharted territories with the help of the new record, which includes America. Thanks to Architects video for “100 Days,” Hartwell said he’s inspired to travel outside of Europe with Heart In Hand once they are able to financially.

“It upsets some fans [we don’t visit] because they think we just don’t want to go to the U.S. or that we can’t be bothered,” Hartwell said. “We really want to, it’s just a really expensive thing for a band of our size. We love touring Europe, [but] you can’t just constantly tour the same place; you’ve got to spread it out.”

The emotionally charged lyrics of their recent premieres have been buzzing around the internet showing fans Heart In Hand are back in action and ready to show listeners they’re not afraid of letdowns. Hartwell said the band had “more control” with the recording of the record, which holds lyrics true to overcoming heartbreak, obstacles and letting go.

“There are some standard Heart in Hand songs, but there are songs that are a bit weirder,” Hartwell said. “If you go into [listening to] it with an open mind, that’d be cool. I guess I’m not really the best salesman, but I think it’s a really good album.”

The band kick off their upcoming European tour in Germany in November as a supporting act with The Amity Affliction, Buried In Verona and Napoleon. For those who can’t catch the group in Europe: don’t worry, their new album drops on Nov. 3.

By Bridjet Mendyuk