EXCLUSIVE: Embracer Share Track By Track for ‘My Father’s Will’


Embracer is gearing up for their upcoming release, My Father’s Willdue out November 4 via Imminence Records. In order to prepare for the release, the band sat down and gave us some insight into the meaning and the stories behind all the tracks. Check out their track-by-track below.

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“A Man Without Country”

For many of us, including myself, we consider our homes with our families our sanctuary. A place in which frailty, and insecurity cannot reside or else everything that has helped construct that foundation will fall apart.

This song is a cry outward because that home, my “country” if you will, has been stripped away from me. I’ve always felt that learning lessons from mistakes and tragedy is one of the greatest gifts we can receive. However, this is just one lesson that I’ve still yet to find any silver lining in. I hate it, but I accept it. And for now, I’ll move on the best that I can.

Embracer has always been emotionally invested and compassionate in our music, and mesages. We believe that the best songs are the ones that pull you in and evoke feeling. Music is a very powerful force and should be treated as such. With that in mind, it is what has helped shape us into who we are. Compassion. It is the element that we will forever carry with us.

Listen to “A Man Without Country” below.



The name in itself describes a great deal of what the song is about. Being beaten down by everything outside and inside of you. It was written in a time which my mind personally was in complete disarray, and I wasn’t sure what or where I should turn to. Many times we can let ourselves succumb to the negatives surrounding our lives, luckily this song was the relief of being able to vent all of the pent-up aggression I had felt for some time about myself, and everything around me. It’s scary to know how fragile we truly are, but it can also be a good thing. We bend, we break, we recreate ourselves. It’s sometimes incredibly hard to find a silver lining amidst the personal baggage we carry, partnered with all of the trials of life. To sum up all of this, “Downtrodden” is a song of weakness. We take ourselves to very dark places and tend to get lost while there.

In any form of art, I believe it is the artist’s duty to display him or herself in the most honest way. Nothing fabricated, or altered. I believe that “Downtrodden” both instrumentally and lyrically does that. Much like “My Father’s Will” as a whole, this is a very raw look into what make us who we are.


“My Sons, My Brothers”

For quite some time now, Embracer has been my family. Past and present members, each and every one of them have become so much more than friends. They truly are my brothers. This song is to pay respect to the people in our lives that have been with us through thick and thin. I’ve always been a believer in everything and everyone happening for a reason, and I undoubtedly know that all of the wonderful people I know now had I not come across them would have sent my life in a different direction. This song is mainly an instrumental song. After many nights spent in my room writing lyrics for the song, the beauty of how empty the song was and how it conveyed exactly what needed to be conveyed, made lyrics and vocal melody seem inessential. Simplicity is an often overlooked element in music. But it is an element we try to capture in the purest essence.

As spoken of before, Embracer has helped me cope with and overcome many difficult things. And for that I am eternally grateful. It’s a debt that I know I’ll never be able to repay. Having the ones that I have been blessed with to share the experience of writing and performing this music is one of the greatest gifts I have been given.



This song is somewhat of a special song to me for two reasons. The first reason is that the song was written in the time of our “rebirth,” if you will. You see, Embracer hit a very rough patch for a while where the band’s very existence was threatened. Writing was put to a halt, and the overall direction of the band was very bleak. It wasn’t too long after that point that everything changed. Like a breath of fresh air, new life came back into Embracer. Writing went into a new direction, and our morale was higher than ever.

We composed, recorded, and self-released two songs later that year that we often see as a cornerstone for who we were to mature into. “Anastasia,” was the third song that we wrote together. The second reason why this song is special to me is that it was the first song that I openly wrote about everything that was plaguing my mind. The song uses a lot of metaphors of how fed up with what I was and how I wanted to feel any sense of peace, or grace. And how we can and can’t cope with the skeletons in our closets. “Anastasia” stands out in my mind, and always will as the song when everything went in the right direction after going the wrong way for so long.


“My Father’s Will”

This song is the most personal of all songs we’ve written thus far. A question I was asked by a friend not too long ago was “what’s the story with ‘My Father’s Will?’ It’s the complete opposite of ‘A Man Without Country.'” Exactly right. You see, life has handed me a series of cards I never thought I would be dealt, and it made me think. About many, many things. Most nights it’s the last thing on my mind. While this is a very personal song, I wanted to pay homage to the ones who carry the title of being a father. Someone who raised you, dressed you, looked after you, gave you the backbone to be brave, to be courageous in everything you do. Without that, I don’t know where I would be. This song is also the hardest for me to perform without being completely overcome with emotion.

To finish this off, whether it was a mother who took on the role of a father as well, a brother, a dear friend, a loved one, those people only want you to succeed. To have better than what they were given. Be brave, be bold, become everything that you want in life. Waste no time, laugh more, share experience, love openly and to anyone who needs it, be compassionate, give you heart, be free. that is a father’s will.


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