Ed Sheeran Joins Sam Smith On Stage For “Stay With Me”

Sam Smith.

Sam Smith took 2014 for himself with “Stay With Me.” The song is undeniably great and quite unavoidably everywhere.

At Manchester’s Albert Hall last night, fans crowded in to watch the crooner croon. They got what they came for. Smith did his thing and the female half of the crowd collapsed into the male half of the crowd like usual, making date night for the fellas easy.

Then Ed Sheeran happened. Walking nonchalantly onto the stage to join Smith in singing his massive single, the crowd went nuts and the two traded off lines in a lovely duet.

We have the video below, but be warned, it’s as good as a crowd-shot video gets. If you’d rather hear just Ed sing the tune, you can hear his Live Lounge cover at the bottom of this post.