Behind The Scenes of The Orphan, The Poet’s “Better Than This” Video Shoot

The Orphan The Poet Promo 2014

A short time ago, The Orphan, The Poet released their music video for “Better Than This.” We’re taking you behind the scenes of that shoot today with the special video below.

“’Better Than This’ is about that moment you realize you’ve been selling yourself short,” says vocalist David Eselgroth. “For me personally, the song centers on a very unhealthy relationship of mine ending and the subsequent self-reflection I had to endure afterwards.  Realizing you’ve let yourself become someone that you’re not isn’t really a positive topic, but I still see the song as a positive influence since it takes these moments of clarity to move forward.”

The video for “Better Than This” was recorded at Glow In The Dark Studios and was produced and mixed by Matt McClellan.

The band recently announced a short run of tour dates which you can find below.