Wesley Blaylock (Deas Vail, Meek) Covers Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”

Photo Shoot with Wesley Blaylock

Every year there are a handful of songs released on pop radio that everyone who covers songs will cover. This year, Sam Smith‘s breakout hit “Stay With Me” is one of those songs.

A YouTube search of this song will give you tons of dreadful covers, some moderately good ones, some great ones, and ones that you’ll want to plug into your YouTube to MP3 service of choice and listen to more often than the original. Wesley Blaylock‘s acoustic cover, for me, falls into the latter category.

Blaylock, who fronted one of my favorite bands, Deas Vail, has been working on his solo career for a while now. He released an EP a few years ago and has recently started back up with a project called Meek. Lately, he’s been uploading covers to his YouTube that were recorded in his car. Last week he did an American Authors tune that sounds really interesting stripped down. Today he does the same for Sam Smith’s chart-topping crooner jam.

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