VIDEO PREMIERE: The Walking Tree – “Some Hope, Some Rhythm” (Swan Sessions)

The Walking Trees banner

In case you hadn’t heard, or only listen to what I have to say after I repeat it, I’ll repeat it. The Walking Tree is the latest Long Island rock band you need to be aware of. These dudes rule.

Vouched for by at least myself and Bradley Walden of Emarosa, these musicians are seriously great at what they do.

We premiered a video from the Swan Sessions before, but we couldn’t resist featuring another for the sake of you, our readers. You’re welcome.

Last February, The Walking Tree loaded their recording equipment and cameras into their practice space to record a set of videos called the Swan Sessions. Everything you see in the video is filmed and edited by the band themselves.

I’m again going to put it out into the universe that they should tour with Incubus or, at the very least, NGHBRSHRVRD, and From Indian Lakes all at once. Tour God, hear my prayer.

Check out “Some Hope, Some Rhythm” below and follow the band on Facebook.