THROWBACK: Mayday Parade

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Article by Kelly McDonald

After Derek Sanders took over lead vocals due to the departure of Jason Lancaster, negative vibes were certainly flowing and rumors of a poor relationship between the two abounded. As Mayday Parade and Go Radio set to head out together as part of the Fearless Friends Tour, fans had some obvious questions. Go Radio addressed the concerns with Substream¬† in their own interview and had nothing but positive things to say. But what about the guys in Mayday; was the sting of Jason’s exit something they eventually moved on from?

“We’re certainly not worried about anything,” Derek assured. “It’s going to be a good experience, we hang with the Go Radio boys at home and I’m looking forward to hanging on tour with them.”

Echoing the sentiments shared by Jason in his interview, fans shouldn’t expect any tension between the two bands. As to whether or not they will join each other on stage for some old school Mayday songs, Sanders couldn’t confirm. “It’s honestly too early to say. I don’t want to rule anything out, it just hasn’t really been talked about yet so we will have to see what happens.”

With the elephant in the room addressed, Derek was anxious to talk about the tour. “We’re planning a lot of really cool stuff that we’ve never done before,” he said excitedly. “We’re going all out with the production, it’s gonna be a good show.”

Although being on the road so often can be tough, the guys know that it’s necessary in order to gain new fans and satisfy the loyal ones. Although they miss being home with loved ones like any other touring band does, Mayday’s tour bus has become a second home and every show is another opportunity to live their dream. “We’ve spent the majority of our lives on the road since we started this band, so we’re all pretty used to it,” said Derek. “It’s hard to get tired of; we get to travel all around with our best friends and play music to great people.”

Having spent the majority of the last four years traveling the country, every city and every venue mean something special to Mayday. “I can look at the list of dates and look forward to every one. There are a lot of great places and venues we’re going to hit,” said Derek. “I hope the tour is successful for everybody and everyone has fun.”

But like any twenty-something on the road with his best friends, Derek admitted that everyone is “super excited for Vegas… and then the day off.” And really, who wouldn’t be?

Mayday promised they plan to up the ante on the tour’s performances, which seems almost impossible to anyone who has seen the already high-energy live show they give every time. They hope their new ideas and extra oomph will, in combination with the exciting lineup of bands each day, get the crowd pumped. “My favorite song to play varies,” said Derek of what fans can expect to hear from them. “Right now I would say ‘I’d Hate To Be You When People Find Out What This Song Is About’. It’s just a lot of fun and really powerful. We don’t always play it on tour though.”

After the tour ends, Mayday’s goal is to return to the studio early in the year. “I think we can expect a new album and a lot more touring.¬† We’ve just started getting together to write on our time off and I’m so excited about everything we have so far.”

Derek wouldn’t share any secret plans Mayday may or may not have for pranking the bands on tour, but he did share a story of a previous prank that guarantees they have the ability to pull some great stunts on this upcoming tour: “I once hired a male stripper to come dance on stage during The Academy Is… set on the Fall Ball tour, but the guy backed out right beforehand. It would’ve been funny.”

One hint he may have given?

“I’m sure there will be some clever pranks on this tour…”