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Article by Lucinda Albera

If space has a soundtrack, the chorus would spark the sun and the melody would bask in shooting stars. Electronic sounds would navigate you hundreds of miles outside the Earth’s atmosphere and soft voices would lead you to new planets.

If space had a soundtrack, it would be Lights.

You may recognize her music from those oh-so-cathy Old Navy commercials but Canadian sensation Lights Poxleitner is anything but “selling out.” Growing up in a family constantly on the move, Poxleitner found her constant connection with music. Writing since the young age of 11, she has traveled through all genres of music, from pop and R&B to acoustic and metal, before landing where she is today.

Her debut, self-titled EP under the simplified Lights was released in the States through Doghouse Records last September and has recently filled her schedule in support She spent the early part of 2009 doing a small tour in the US and plans on playing at South By Southwest as well as a few shows in the UK before releasing her full-length album later this year. Although everything seems to be shooting straight towards the stars these days, Lights admits that she saw it all coming.

“Everything happening, I kind of knew would happen,” said Poxleitner. “I had a goal in mind and a place I wanted to end up. But, then again, that doesn’t take away from everything. All that I believed would happen is happening and I’m still shocked every day at how lucky I am.”

Luck is a small part of what makes Lights so popular. her electro-pop beats and general optimistic attitude provides her audience with plenty of reasons to love her music. And while she admits that being a female in a male-dominated industry may make it harder to be taken serious, it also helps her stand out.

“To a certain degree, it’s easier to get noticed because there are fewer females out there,” says Lights. “I’ve never felt any discrimination and I try not to think about it too much. I think worrying about it will block your creativity and hinder your output. In the end, I’m just making music.”

Although Lights is breaking into the States and quickly rising, she still finds time to do many collaborations and appearances on several Canadian projects. In 2007, she recorded Year of the Cure for Canada-originated charity, Skate4Cancer, and earlier this year she released a song with fellow Canadians, Ten Second Epic. She is also a part of the soundtrack for Canadian indie film, One Week (starring Joshua Jackson), and mentioned and upcoming collaboration with Ontario hardcore/screamo group, Silverstein. Constantly working with different groups and artists keeps Poxleitner on her toes and she wouldn’t want it any other way. In the end, she has a very positive outlook on everything she does.

“I like to keep people guessing and I love the challenge of making new music,” says Lights. “You just need to do what you think is right. You can’t let the world get you down.”