STREAM: Jaymes Young – “Come Back For Me”

Pre-order 'Habits Of My Heart' on iTunes via Atlantic Records.

Jaymes Young

It’s incredible to watch how quickly some singers come up. To spring up out of seemingly nowhere and amass a fanbase out of a single mixtape is no easy feat. It is, however, something Jaymes Young was able to achieve with 2013’s Dark Star.

The mixtape, later released as an EP on iTunes, was a game changing debut. That’s fact. It’s the forthcoming EP, though, that has critics on their toes. Can Young follow up the debut? Will it push boundaries, win hearts, and ultimately hold some lasting power? We’ll see. Signing to Atlantic Records can’t hurt.

Below you can hear his latest single, “Come Back For Me.” This is a great introductory track for those not-yet familiar with Jaymes Young. The Habits Of My Heart EP is expected to drop September 30. Pre-order it for $5 on iTunes.