REVIEW: Empires – ‘Orphan’

Empires - 'Orphan'

Indie rockers Empires only recently put out the EP How Good Does It Feel, but that hasn’t stopped them from one-upping themselves with their upcoming full-length record Orphan; their third album that follows on from 2012’s Garage Hymns. The four songs that could be previously heard on How Good Does It Feel find their home on Orphan too, alongside seven new tracks from the Chicago natives.

Listeners are first greeted by “Silverfire” that, although has a relatively delicate opening, manages to put forward the band’s incredible talent in mere minutes. It’s clear where Empires’ inspiration breeds from with their grunge undertones but huge choruses that could otherwise be found in a pop song, alongside the soothing indie melodies which somehow fit together phenomenally with San Van Vleet’s vocals sitting like icing on top of the cake.

Eponymous track “Orphan” is another example of how much finesse that Empires possess, and how they’re able to make remarkable music even if they aren’t the biggest band in the world. Sheer genius comes in the form of this track’s hook and harmonies – listeners are undoubtedly going to be swaying around their bedrooms to it.

Another previously unreleased song “Honeyblood” focuses mostly on the melody in its introduction, which gives a chance for the instrumental talent to shine through while the vocals take a backseat momentarily. The final tracks “Glow” and “Journey Kid” are exactly what is needed to round of a solid record, the first taking somewhat of a gentler approach before launching in to a killer guitar riff, and the latter which relies on the backbone bassline initially then entrances listeners with its catchy pre-chorus and well-written lyrics.

If Empires are looking in to taking over the world, Orphan is definitely the way they’re going about it as it is almost impossible to not listen to all the way through every time you press play on that first track. If the likes of Bleachers, The 1975 and Twin Forks are big parts of your iTunes favorites, then definitely give this record a try – you won’t be disappointed.