LIVE REVIEW: Skytown Riot – Knoxville, TN – 9/13/14

On Saturday September 13, 2014, I went on a mini road trip from Nashville to Knoxville, TN. What would make me take such a trip on a saturday night? The electric alternative-rock sounds of Knoxville natives, Skytown Riot. The show took place at the Scruffy City Hall in a quaint and tidy area of downtown Knoxville. The inside of the venue looked as though it had been built with Hogwarts in mind with red curtains draping the walls and medieval looking windows above the stage. It was late, about 1:30 AM when Skytown took the stage after a full nights worth of music from other bands, but the bar stools were still filled and ears were hungry for more music.

The bouncy keyboard intro of “Misbehave” caught the attention of everyone in the room and head-bobbing and toe-tapping ensued. Once the song reached the chorus, full on hands-in- the-air-rocking-out-dancing replaced the shy head-bobs and timid toe-tapping. Not only was there a change in the crowd, but there was a new chemistry to the band and I’m thinking it’s because of the exciting new line-up. Original members, Van Gallik (vocals/guitar) and Cody Hensley (keyboard) are now flanked by the talented Jason Fruchey (bass) and Joey Davis (drums). To say this band can jam onstage is an understatement and their stage presence has never been better. Keep an eye out for Skytown Riot, cause they’re coming for you.