EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Statutes – ‘In The Throes Of’

Statutes promo 2014

Statutes are a 5-piece melodic-hardcore band from around the East Midlands (UK). Beginning as a four-piece post-hardcore band named The New Sheriff, The group formed in 2012 with Tom (guitar), Mark (drums), an Ollie on bass. A year later the addition of a second guitarist, Adam, was made. Their new vocalist, Rich, took the band’s sound in a different direction. The album, In The Throes Of, was recorded in May 2014 over two consecutive days at Stuck On A Name Studios in Nottingham. It will be released September 7.

“We decided to record the album live hoping to capture the energy and intensity of a live show. It all came together very quickly and a lot of the songs that made it to the final mix were from the first couple of takes. We’re happy with the sound and hope that you enjoy listening to the album as much as we did recording it!”

Stream In The Throes Of below. Download the single, ‘Contrary To Belief,’ for free at Statutes’ Bandcamp.