EXCLUSIVE: Rosedale Premieres Music Video For “Grey”

Rosedale is not a hipster band. (What the hell is a hipster anyways?). Rosedale is not a hardcore band, not a boy band, he is not known for his tattoos, he doesn’t star on some reality show, and he’s not an artist who hinges his future on pitchfork declaring he is the hot new sound…and he is ok with that. Rosedale is the musical outlet for Mike Liorti. A 6 foot 9 friendly giant who can play piano, guitar and sing like a juggernaut. He plays what most would call aggressive pop music, and he does it because he loves it. He doesn’t care if it’s not your cup of tea…but if you’re thirsty he’s brewing up a new pot for you.

Substream has teamed up with Rosedale to premiere his brand new music video for “Grey.” Check it out below and let us know what you think!

Here’s what Liorti had to say about “Grey:”

“Grey” is about the struggles of being an independent artist, grinding 14-20 hours a day only to continuously endure the harsh reality that you’re still many miles from your goal. I envisioned the video as a dark, grungy, one-take stunt, as living the artist life often feels like. I wanted this video to be something nobody has ever done or would be willing to do…Definitely not the first Leap of Faith I’ve made for ROSEDALE.


“Grey” is part of a sampler that is currently only available at live shows and online (purchase on iTunes here). Stay tuned because Rosedale is expected to have new music coming your way in early 2015.