EXCLUSIVE: Embracer Premiere Single “A Man Without Country” Plus Announce Album Release Date

Embracer's new album, My Father's Will will be available November 4 via Imminence Records.


We teamed up with Embracer to premiere their brand new single, “A Man Without Country,” off their upcoming release, My Father’s Will, which will be available via Imminence Records on November 4th. Check out the single below.

Here’s what vocalist, Jordan Bradley, had to say about the track:

“For many of us, including myself, we consider our homes with our families our sanctuary. A place in which frailty, and insecurity cannot reside or else everything that has helped construct that foundation will fall apart.

This song is a cry outward because that home, my ‘country’ if you will, has been stripped away from me. I’ve always felt that learning lessons from mistake and tragedy is one of the greatest gifts we can receive. However, this is just one lesson that I’ve still yet to find any silver lining. I hate it, but I accept it. And for now, I’ll move on the best that I can.

Embracer has always been emotionally invested and compassionate in our music, and messages. We believe that the best songs are the ones that pull you in and evoke feeling. Music is a very powerful force and should be treated as such. With that in mind, it is what has helped shape us into who we are. Compassion. It is the element that we will forever carry with us.”


From their conception as a hardcore band and through numerous lineup, members’ role, and stylistic changes; Embracer has matured and developed drastically to what they are now. They now encompass a broad range of stylistic influences from Circa Survive and Balance and Composure to Johnny Cash and Miles Davis. This leads the band to take an open-minded approach to their music, refusing to let boundaries set by genres or expectations to limit what takes part in the songwriting process with Ryan Pullin commenting, “We believe that music can be a therapy, a crutch, an ecstasy, or an escape for people. It’s one thing to be able to live a passion and do what you want for yourself, but knowing that we will be encouraged to continue to create music that will reach out to our audiences makes it truly worth it.”


My Father’s Will Track Listing:

  1. A Man Without Country
  2. Downtrodden
  3. My Sons My Brothers
  4. Anastasia
  5. My Father’s Will