Copeland Release “Erase” Clip and ‘Ixora’ Pre-order Bundles

Copeland promo 2014

Copeland are taking it slow. After announcing their return to a skeptical fan-base on April 1, 2014, they hit the studio.

Shortly after, they released “Ordinary,” the first single from Ixora (iTunes).

A new teaser and pre-orders were been posted on the band’s website Tuesday for a song called “Erase.”

The pre-orders contains handwritten lyrics, an exclusive 7 inch vinyl, screen printed sheet music, an Ixora flower seed pack, and an early digital release of the album. 20% of all proceeds from this bundle will go towards a college fund for Ben Fenske, son of former Copeland crew member,  Justin Fenske.

A track-listing of the rough mixes have been posted on Facebook as well. See below.