VIDEO: The Birth Of Captain Murphy

Captain Murphy

The entity that is Captain Murphy perplexed many for some time. Identity a secret, he dropped one of the most mysterious and impactful mixtapes of the last decade, Duality.

After Captain Murphy’s first show with Odd Future youngster Earl Sweatshirt, the cat was let out of the bag. Acclaimed producer Flying Lotus revealed himself as the masked rapper.

Since Duality, the Captain has released a small handful of tracks with collaborators for the Adult Swim mixtapes. He has also dropped a few music videos, all animated by Adult Swim animator lilfuchs. This known, it’s only natural that Adult Swim that tell the origin story of Captain Murphy.

I think Adult Swim says it best in the description of the video. Watch “The Birth Of Captain Murphy” below and listen to his first single “Mighty Morphin Foreskin” after. You can download the Duality mixtape here.

[quote_box_center]Join us brethren, as we witness the legendary birth of Captain Murphy. Bear witness to his divine presence. Kneel to his omnipotent power. And follow him in triumphant glory.[/quote_box_center]