The Venetia Fair Repress Full-Length On Vinyl

The Venetia Fair

the-venetia-fair_ESDTWGIOBWhen the first pressing of The Venetia Fair‘s album, Every Sick, Disgusting Thought We’ve Got In Our Brain, was released, I missed out. The pressing was limited to a very small number of copies. They were insane. They had a spinning wheel on the cover designed by Dan Marter from Intheclouds Records. I’m super bummed I never got one.

Although the first pressing is sold out, it’s not impossible to get the album on wax. A second pressing has been released that is less fancy, but totally worth your buck. Really, at $15 (only $19 after shipping), you can get the record for yourself. It’s pressed on bone-colored vinyl with a standard sleeve, featuring album artwork designed by bassist Chark King.

You’ll need to act fast though! There are only 250 copies for sale (249 at the most, I bought one).

“The first pressing was pretty insane,” says singer Benny Santoro. “We think it was worth every penny and [even at $30 a pop] they sold out pretty quickly, but we know there are some people out there that don’t care about it being flashy; they just want a traditional vinyl experience at a traditional price. For this pressing we pulled the reins in a little bit in an effort to make it more affordable. It’s still very handsome and, of course, sounds exactly the same, it just comes in a slightly more modest package.”

Grab your copy here and sell me your first pressing.