REVIEW: Walking Bicycles – ‘To Him That Wills The Way’

'To Him That Wills The Way' available now via Highwheel Records

Take one part Edgar Allen Poe story, one part Tim Burton film, and a whole lot of reverb, throw it together in the musical mixing pot, and the result is Chicago’s own Walking Bicycles. Their recent release To Him That Wills The Way, is the latest chapter in their self-described “avant doom pop” sound. Released on August 12, 2014, via Highwheel RecordsTo Him That Wills The Way is a twenty eight minute venture into the creative minds of these unique individuals.

The reverb drenched vocals of Jocelyn Summers draw the listener into their dark, dreamy fantasy, making one feel fully immersed in their haunting world. On “War Paint” she sings “feel the thunder, feel the silence” making the listener aware of all that is going on in the doomful song.

On the closing track “Badada,” Summers croons “you locked yourself and threw away the key. It’s time we left this dungeon,” providing a hint of hope and optimism at the end of the album.

There is an urgency and intensity to these songs, driven by the punchy drums along with the melodic guitar riffs. The penultimate tune, “Boethius,’ is one of the more uptempo songs songs on To Him That Wills The Way with a driving bass line, bright guitar lines and energetic drum beats.

While some of the tracks tend to blend together in a haze of reverb, speckled with the ever present guitar riffs, overall it is a strong example of the avant doom pop sound Walking Bicycles have so carefully crafted.

Order To Him That Wills The Way on iTunes now and find Walking Bicycles on Facebook and Bandcamp.