REVIEW: The Lost Boys – ‘Sleepless Nights’

Sleepless Nights The Lost Boys

To say that pop-punk is pretty popular right now is essentially the understatement of the century. Everytime you go on Facebook, Twitter, or any social media or music website really, you see a new video/song/post about the pop punk band du jour. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, it is just the state of the scene right now. To make yourself be heard, your band needs to have something special to be able to stand out from the constant stream of consciousness about hometown woes, the best friends ever, and a seriously worrisome lack of pizza. The Lost Boys seem well aware of this, and have what it takes to make themselves stand out. Hailing from Dayton, OH, this punk rock three piece self-released their latest EP Sleepless Nights on July 16th. The five songs are back to back upbeat tunes assaulting the listeners with tales of disappointed love efforts, wasted time, and somewhat pessimistic optimism for the future.

The opening track “Lost Boy” would have sounded quite at home on From Under the Cork Tree with its pleading lyrics about “a boy who’d never change,” yet is happy to “be your lost boy,” and hasn’t given up hope that “you’ll find me one day.”

The penultimate song, ‘Wasting My Time,’ could have easily been a bonus track to any Blink 182 album. Its driving drums and lyrics suggest the vocalist is close to bashing his head against a wall, since apparently he feels “it’s so exhausting, wasting my time.”

The Lost Boys probably will not win any originality awards with this EP but that may not be what they were going for anyway. The tracks are all solid pop punk songs that would fit in any venue from basements to the Warped stage. If the guys figure out what exactly The Lost Boys sound like in the midsts of all the others, they could come out with a stand out next release.