REVIEW: Overkill – ‘White Devil Armory’

Overkill has been a staple in the thrash metal scene for years, earning their stripes by consistently putting out album after album. Sure, not all of their 17 studio albums have been life-altering works of genius, but one thing is certain—this band will undoubtedly make you bang your head hard. This fact holds true for their latest release White Devil Armory, and with that being said, I strongly advise every listener to stock up on painkillers for the impending whiplash before pressing play.

White Devil Armory starts off slow with the instrumental track “XDM” to set the mood; ominous sounds fill the air and signal the listener to prepare for war. Suddenly, the track “Armorist” blares featuring captivating riffage and a chunky baseline signaling that the battle has begun.

Throughout the album Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth’s vocals are just as fiery as ever; his piercing vocal capabilities coupled Dave Links’ guitar solos and the maddening bass licks courtesy of D.D. Verni are a testament to the fact that Overkill’s signature sound is eternal.

This album may not bring an entirely original sound, but it still holds some gems that are sure to go down in classic Overkill history. Songs like “Down To The Bone” have enough shout along moments and winding solos to incite a legendary old school mosh pit. “King Of The Rat Bastards” is the essential circle pit anthem, and the track “Freedom Rings” will make you put your horns up and bang your head in the name of liberty.

There is something to be said about a band that stays true to themselves and their sound despite current trends in music. Overkill embodies the true spirit of thrash by sticking to their guns and consistently producing headbanging heaviness without embellishing their sound to impress the masses. White Devil Armory is auditory proof that Overkill is living legends whose perseverance puts them on par with the Big Four of Thrash, at least in my book.

White Devil Armory is available on iTunes via eOne Music.