REVIEW: Invent, Animate – ‘Everchanger’

'Everchanger' available now via Tragic Hero Records.

Invent, Animate‘s latest release, Everchanger is a beautiful exploration into the truths behind life, love, and everything that happens in between. Due out via Tragic Hero Records on August 25th, the Texas metalcore quintet have crafted their debut album in a way that will both excite old fans, as well as easily draw new fans in.

Everchanger opens with “Sol”, which begins with English’s proclamation to “don’t believe in love, it will let you down.” This pessimistic, hopeless outlook is present on the first few tracks, however as the album progresses, there are signs that the band is finding some of the beauty and hope in the world. The end of “Eventide” showcases bright, melodic, sequencing guitar riffs underneath English singing “fall deeper with me, the further we fall, the more beauty we’ll see,” providing a sampling of light and promise.

There is an undeniable honesty to every word vocalist Ben English dictates, from the most guttural screams, to the melancholy way he simply sings “I lost faith in you” on “Nocturne: Lost Faith.”

The contrasts between and within songs is one of the strong points of this album. For example, the closing track “Luna,” starts off with distant drums and a delicate guitar line. Then the drums come in full force, accompanied by English screaming with a ferocity representative of the emotion that was evidently poured into the entire album. About halfway through, the drums fall back a bit while the two guitars battle it out. Then comes arguably the most intimate point on the album about two thirds of the way through where the drums drop out completely and the guitars pluck out out a delicate riff, while the phrase “now time has left me here to heal, the last thing that I want to do is feel” is sung with beautiful harmonies, and cloaked in haunting reverb.

Invent,  Animate have a very solid debut on their hands with Everchanger. These guys are no doubt at the beginning of a golden path to a prosperous career.

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