REVIEW: Illuminate Me – “I Have Become A Corpse”

Illuminate Me Album Art

Whether your significant other cheated on you, you can’t stand the town you’re from, or life just ain’t fair, Florida-based metalcore act, Illuminate Me, have got your pent up emotions covered with the release of I Have Become a Corpse through Tragic Hero Records, sure to be the perfect heated listen no matter what particular kind of angry you happen to be.   With just the right amount of spitefully immature lyrics and disgustingly awesome vocal belches, there is a maniacal part of us all that will appreciate the raw emotion found in the fitful guitar riffs, clashing symbols, and unapologetic lyrics.

Opening track “VooDoo Blues” burns with a frantic, hard-hitting energy and screeching guitars, featuring guest vocalist Garrett Rapp of The Color Morale, his raw tone transitioning well with vocalist Christopher Murray’s begrudging growls. Murray’s vengeful yet pleasing vocal variety continues with technical instrumentals that seem to be spiraling and crashing down their individual path to doom, tangling around each other in cacophonous harmony to drive that frenzied energy from start to finish, particularly in tracks like single “Ouija Board Taught Me Everything I know,” “Lick Your Wounds” and a tribute to their loathing for home state Florida, “No Sunshine in the Sunshine State,” where Murray declares “I hate this place or maybe I just hate myself, either way we’re all going straight to hell,” and putting it even more bluntly, he cries “Set Florida on Fire!” Wow man, tell us how you really feel!

The record features other well-placed guest vocals,  including Jerry Roush of Glass Cloud on track “Apples to Whoranges” and Landon Tewers of The Plot in You on “Westside Artgoon Craigslist Kills,” which features a spiking breakdown where the vocals are effectively layered.  At times, certain riffs on I Have Become a Corpse remind me of the structured chaos that is Every Time I Die, other times I’m reminded of the emotional intensity of Beartooth, but throughout the record Illuminate Me does a solid job constructing their own distinctive flair listeners will be able to pick out from the crowd, and leaves much aggressively honest talent to anticipate from this newly signed act.