MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE: Caramel Carmela – “Till Death Do Us Party”

Caramel Caramela promo 2014

Who is managed by Shawn Milke of Alesana, produced by Dirt Fest organizer and Grammy nominated producer Matt Dalton, and ready to take on the world of metalcore music, all while unsigned? Caramel Carmela, duh.

On August 26, Caramel Carmela will release Till Death Do Us Party, their second full-length record. The title track, available on iTunes now, just got a video treatment. We’re happy to share that with you today.

“This song is for the people close to us; those with whom we share our favorite memories and the music and lyrics portray the high energy and versatility to expect from the rest of the LP,” says vocalist/bassist Sha Gipson. “We wrote about life & death, love & betrayal, bliss & anguish, inspiration, perseverance, and just having fun. This record is who we are. The music video is compiled footage of us making our record in Detroit with Matt Dalton at Metro 37 Studios, as well as footage of us writing at home and practicing through preproduction recordings in Colorado.”

Preorder Till Death Do Us Party on iTunes.