Marianas Trench Returns With The Year’s Best Pop Song, “POP 101”

marianas trench pop 101

There’s nothing like a sweeping declaration to title a web article, is there? It grabs the eye, begs the question, and gets the click. It’s almost formulaic, just like a pop song.

Marianas Trench are no foreigners to pop music. They’ve had a few hits themselves and singer/songwriter/producer Josh Ramsay had his hands in the writing and production of Carly Rae Jepsen‘s smash hit “Call Me Maybe.” So it’s really no surprise that 2014’s best pop song was written by the same man. The song is cleverly titleed¬†“POP 101 (Barely Feat. Anami Vice)” and it’s as much instruction manual as it is finished product.

“A little while back, I did an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit. I ended up getting a lot of hilarious flak about ‘Call Me Maybe,’ which inspired me to write a list of instructions on how to create a huge pop song,” jokes Ramsay. “I basically went on to write lyrics that explain step by step exactly what’s happening in the music at that moment. It’s meant to illustrate how big artists do their thing, like a magician revealing his secrets to an audience. It definitely pokes a lot of fun but it’s also meant as a tip of the hat to those artists. Above all, it’s very me – clever, silly and sassy to the core.”

Slam-packed with pop references and homages, the “POP 101”¬†video is a contender for most insane as well. You can pick up the single on iTunes and watch the video below.