LIVE REVIEW: The Front Bottoms – Columbia, MO – 7/10/14

The Front Bottoms
photo: Kylee Gregg

The last time The Front Bottoms came through Columbia, it was nearing the end of fall semester and they were opening for Manchester Orchestra. A memorable lineup nonetheless, but when they came back through again in July opening for Say Anything they stuck out to me more than before.

I remember hearing about this group from a friend who came in both times to see them live and always told me how great these guys were, and I figured they were ‘just another punk band.’ This summer I was pleasantly mistaken when I was met with their energy, house full of anticipating fans, and technicolor props that definitely set them apart from the rest of the bill.

The Front Bottoms is a four-piece group from New Jersey with raw vocals and a solid punk rock acoustic sound. This summer they toured the country with You Blew It! And The So So Glows, opening for Say Anything.

This live performance was definitely different from before. There was a noticeable confidence about them that was not too over the top and I felt that was very refreshing coming from a band from the punk scene these days. One thing I always look for in a band is their stage presence and interaction with the crowd. When a fan would yell out to play a certain song or a random absurd comment, he didn’t hesitate to yell right back and play along, and I think that’s something that makes the punk scene so unique.

A little less than a month prior to this performance they dropped an EP titled Rose. Listening to the EP live I get that instant sense of nostalgia that takes me back to those angsty teenage years and Brian Sella’s live vocals definitely had the fans yelling the lyrics with fists in the air, and at that moment I felt it couldn’t get any more punk rock then that.


Live review and photos by Kylee Gregg