LIVE REVIEW: Panic! At The Disco – Boston, MA – 8/3/14

Panic! At The Disco rocked Boston, MA with Magic Man and Walk The Moon on 8/3/14

Panic At The Disco

The great thing about this tour is that it is full of people who are so lively and passionate

on stage that the crowd tends to mimic them. In my experience, I have found the crowd can

either make or break a show. So, when everyone started jumping, screaming and dancing as

the first opening band, Magic Man, hit the stage, I knew it was going to be a great night.

Magic Man was extra smiley and excited to play this show because it was in their home

city of Boston. What made this band’s set so great and not snooze-worthy like some openers,

was that they had the triple “F;” friends, family and fans. “I have to say Boston, this is a dream

come true!” shouted lead singer, Alex Caplow, who reminds me of Nate Ruess of fun. in the

way that he is very honest and humble when he is speaking to the crowd. Magic Man saw an

immediate reaction from the crowd that set the mood for the whole night, and it was good.

I don’t think there was a single moment during Walk The Moon’s set where they weren’t

smiling. Every single member had a gleaming smile stretched across their faces that could be

seen from the soundboard. They took the energy nozzle and cranked it up about eight notches

and the crowd followed suit. Lead singer, Nicholas Petricca, commanded the stage and

audience with his persuasive words, dance moves, and by actually stepping into the crowd and

singing into faces. I looked across the odd collection of people and saw every single hand in the

air and jumping, per request of Petricca. You would have thought they were the headliner.

The screaming. Oh my God the screaming. Panic! At The Disco weren’t even on the

stage yet, the lights had just dimmed, and suddenly there was a violent uproar of excitement.

The sound of children counting came over the speakers and then the band dove into their song,

“Vegas Lights.” You could physically see the glistening of tears on teenagers’ cheeks as

Brendon Urie removed his gold blazer and black button-down halfway through their set to sing

“Girls/Girls/Boys.” Did I mention Urie’s voice? Wow, what a powerhouse. The kind of voice that

can sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen and pull it off completely, which he did. Panic!’s

musicianship alone can intimidate a very well practiced musician. They continue to be a band