INTERVIEW: Noise Collective – NYC-based Monthly Industry Networking Event

Ever wish you could head out one night into the city and find a group of like-minded individuals with the same career passions as yourself to talk the night away? For some who are part of the music industry, or looking to get into it, that place might just be in the heart of New York City. Founded by a collection of musicians and industry professionals, Noise Collective is one of the largest free music networking events that brings together those who love music. Each month at various venues around NYC, a wide variety of talents, understandings and expertise come together to network with one another. But the best part of this gathering is that anyone can come. Regardless of resume or experience, the only credential required is a love or music and an eagerness to connect.  Substream was lucky enough to partner with Noise Collective for the July gathering and talk to Andrew West, publishing at Razor and Tie, and one of the founders of Noise Collective.



Substream Magazine: Describe Noise Collective and what these gatherings aim to do.

Andrew West: Noise Collective is a gathering of artists, musicians, bands, and people actively involved in the music scene coming together under one roof. New York City can be intimidating at times for bands and musicians and Noise is the place to go for people who share the common interest of music.


SM: What inspired the creation of Noise Collective?

AW: There seemed to be a big disconnect between artists and people working in the industry. Normal panels are great, but they are sometimes cut short, and not everyone feels comfortable asking questions. We wanted to create an event where people in the industry could meet amazing musicians and the musicians could meet people in the music industry in a relaxed environment. The event is more of a 1 on 1 feel when talking to people and asking questions and that’s exactly what we wanted.


SM: Who do you encourage to come out to meetings?

AW: They’re not meetings per say, I’d say they are events. We encourage everyone who has any interest in music or the arts to come out. You don’t need to play in a band or work in the industry to come. It’s a great hangout to meet new people and have a drink as well.


SM: What would you say to people who would like to check out Noise Collective, but may be apprehensive about going?

AW: Don’t be. I’ve met some of the nicest people at Noise Collective and we are all excited to meet new faces. Even if you come solo, we have one of our members greeting everyone at the door and answering any questions you have about the event.


SM: Why is it important to Noise Collective to have such a diverse range of jobs in the music industry represented at these gatherings?

AW: Noise Collective’s mission is to be an open space for musicians and music industry professionals to intermix in an un-moderated setting. Having a diverse range of industry jobs represented allows NCNY attendees to potentially reap the full benefits and opportunities of the New York music industry all in one place, without the pressures of a typical formal Q&A panel. At our events, a musician can talk to a label executive, a manager, a publicist, or another musician- and vice versa- all in one night.


SM: What do you recommend people bring when they come out to a gathering?

AW: If you have business cards, that’s always a plus! I always listen to every band that gives me music, but it’s usually preferred in a Soundcloud link or a Dropbox!


SM: What is one of your favorite memories of a Noise Collective gathering?

AW: Every month we have bands submit their music for our playlist that we have playing throughout the night. It’s always great when you are talking to a band and they randomly hear their song playing over the sound system with 200 people around.


SM: You’re planning on expanding Noise Collective into other major cities like Philadelphia. Why is it important to keep Noise Collective growing like this?

AW: I think it’s important for cities across the world to have an event like this. Somewhere that people in the industry, musicians, and music lovers go every month or so to hang out with old friends and make new ones that share the same passions. We have had people from all over the country ask when we are going to start a Noise event in their city.


SM: What are some of the things Noise Collective has accomplished that you are the most proud of?

AW: We have accomplished a lot in the past year and a half. We are now a staple brand that will continue to grow, but it’s always an accomplishment to me every month if I can bring two people together that have never met but share the same vision and eventually become great friends.


SM: What would you like to see Noise Collective become in the future?

AW: Right now we are focused on the New York City and Buffalo event as well as building a community on our website. In the future I’d love to see Noise continue to expand throughout the country. We need to build a team big enough for that first though!


Check out Noise Collective online!

Facebook: /NoiseCollectiveNY

Twitter: @NoiseCollectNY

Instagram: /noisecollectiveny