FEATURE: Bands Discuss Their Ideal Celebrity Cameos at Warped Tour

I Dream of Cameos

Cameo Appearance

Everyone loves a good cameo. Whether you spot Alfred Hitchcock in one of his thrillers or you realize with mixed emotions that Tom Cruise plays the angry, hairy, dancing movie producer in Tropic Thunder (2008), cameos add an extra special something to the movie watching experience. No matter how big or small the role, it feels like the filmmakers, actors, and audience are all part of the same inside joke. But cameos go beyond the big screen. Television and music videos have their fair share of unannounced guest appearances that make us feel the same way….or better.

Music videos, like Macaulay Culkin blasting the speakers in Michael Jackson’s iconic “Black or White” video or the king of cameo appearances, Christopher You’re-Talking-To-Me-All-Wrong Walken dance throughout the entirety of Fatboy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice” combine the two powerhouse industries. Bringing Hollywood actors into music videos ads a new layer of pleasure to the cameo. Briefly seeing your favorite actor in a movie with your other favorite actor: pretty cool. Seeing your favorite actor in your favorite band’s music video: the coolest.

We look at our favorite bands and put them on a pedestal, like they transcend humanity and all of the normalcy in the world. We forget that the lead singer we so highly esteem actually has quite a bit in common with us. He watches The Walking Dead, has a favorite movie, and probably had Melissa Joan Hart’s face on his folder in fifth grade. Naturally, actors would love to be involved in a music video just like a band would love to have an actor appear in theirs. Seeing the fatally gorgeous Scarlett Johansson star in the scandalous video for Justin Timberlake’s “What Goes Around,” makes the video more memorable, more entertaining and far more pleasing to watch than if the actress had been unknown.

Like us, musicians have that celebrity, or ten, who they dream of one day meeting and befriending for life long best friendship.  So at this year’s Vans Warped Tour, Substream Magazine had the chance to find out which actors some of our favorite bands would like to have appear in their videos.

Substream Magazine: If you could have any actor make a cameo appearance in your video, who would it be and what would they being doing?

Bertrand Poncet (Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!) – It would be Miley Cyrus swinging on a wrecking ball naked. Just once.

Wrecking Ball
Miley Cyrus –Source

When talking to Real Friends:

Dan Lambton – My girlfriend have a mutual celebrity crush on Jennifer Lawrence. So I would probably just have her chillin in the background somewhere, for two seconds, just smoking a cig. She could be doing anything, but we never mention anything about it – no one says anything.

Kyle Fasel – Tim and Eric.

Dan and Kyle of Real Friends
Dan and Kyle of Real Friends – Photo by Jordon Loope

David Volgman-Stevens ( For All Those Sleeping) – I’d have two. First, Bruce Willis Is my hero. Seriously the most badass dude ever. He’s underrated, I don’t care what anyone says. He’d be in it. It’d be an action video and he’d be doing all this cool stuff. And then Nick Cage would be in it. I look like Nicolas Cage, by the way. My mom would be in it too, and Bruce Willis would be my dad. In the video, I’d confront Nick Cage and my mom about having an affair, then Nick Cage would be like, “I’m your real dad.” And it would cut to black.

Bruce Willis as John McClane - Source
Bruce Willis as John McClane – Source

Talking to the witty guys from Ice Nine Kills:

Spencer Charnas – Of course Billy Zain, probably as a waiter. Or Carrot Top.

Justin Morrow – I mean, our last album is heavily influenced by Carrot Top, so.

SC:  – His earlier work though. Later on in his career he got a little arrogant. He’d probably a cellist – some sort of concert cellist, or a ventriloquist, or a flamenco dancer.

SM: So he would play every part?

JM: I mean, he’s so talented.

SC: The concept of the video is that he’s suing us because he’s claimed that he wrote most of our album

JM: Which he has.

SC: Right, so we’ll see our day in court with Carrot Top.


Spencer and Justin of Ice Nine Kills
Justin and Spencer of Ice Nine Kills – Photo by Jordon Loope

Ricky Horror (Motionless in White) – It would definitely be Aaron Paul but I don’t know what he’d be doing.

Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul – Source

The Word Alive has a couple of different idea, all of them fantastic:

Daniel Shapiro– Katy Perry in a bikini doing jumping jacks. Actually, Katy Perry naked doing jumping jacks.

Zack Hansen – Will Ferrell eating a hotdog.

Telle Smith – But as Ron Burgundy.

The Word Alive
The Word Alive – Photo by Jordon Loope