EXCLUSIVE STREAM: The Grievance Club – ‘Such Strange Speech’

The Grievance Club Promo 2014

I love Ohio bands. It doesn’t matter what they sound like. I just love Ohio bands. Maybe I’m biased. Maybe I like seeing the camaraderie between creative individuals in my home state. In any case, it’s something I love and will always support.

The Grievance Club is an Ohio band. They’re from Solon, Ohio which is a Cleveland suburb and they currently call Kent, Ohio home. The band met in high school and have become a popular favorite in the Cleveland music scene.

“The Grievance Club started with a typical “met in high school” type beginning, but once our half-hearted plans of starting a Chiodos cover band inevitably fell through, it took a lot of time, quite a few member rotations, and a name change before we could find their stride, creatively and internally,” says singer Harrison Mills. “But with Such Strange Speech, what you’ll hear are seven songs representative of a band that is stronger now than ever before, but still only just getting started and eager for future plans.”

The band recorded the new album with Envoi guitarist Steve Perrino, showing that creative collaboration I mentioned above. “We’ve all known Steve for quite some time, and while it can sometimes be difficult and blurry working with a friend, we’re very lucky in that he’s been very supportive of us and the music from the start. We actually recorded with him once before under a different name. But this time around, his immediate enthusiasm and encouragement of the songs, even when they were still only acoustic ideas, really proved to be a positive factor in this now two-year process. We’ve grown as musicians and people and I think he saw that and knew how to channel it to help us get what we wanted out of Such Strange Speech.”

The Grievance Club plays songs that have a pace and ferocity reminiscent of early 2000s post-hardcore (Thrice, The Fall of Troy, Glassjaw) while maintaining the pop sensibility of punk bands such as The Story So Far, The Early November, and The Hotelier.

Listen to Such Strange Speech below and grab a copy on iTunes!