EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Michael McQuaid – ‘Heart&Soul’ EP

Michael McQuaid Promo

Today we are bringing you new music from pop-rock musician Michael McQuaid in the form of his debut EP ‘Heart&Soul’.

Fans of Gavin DeGraw, The Cab, and Andy Grammer will appreciate McQuaid’s ear for soul. Each of the EP’s six songs has something a little different to offer, while coming together as a finite package of pop goodness.

Read a short interview with Michael below and listen to the ‘Heart & Soul’ EP first on Substream.

Substream Magazine: Say we’ve never heard your music. How would you explain your sound?

Michael McQuaid: Gritty pop/rock with a little bit of soul.

SM: How did you get involved in music? How have you grown as a songwriter since you began?

MM: My dad was the one who really inspired me. He constantly immersed me in music and showed me the classics. He gave me my first guitar out of one those Lillian Vernon catalogs when I was 5.

I’ve always had this vision of combining that old school sound with something new. As I continue to write and find my sound, I just keep evolving into this writer that I envisioned myself when I was younger. You can hear that on songs like “Tender Soul” and “Say”. And especially with these new songs that I’ve been working on. It’s so cool to just be constantly evolving,changing, and being better than what you were yesterday.

SM: What’s next for Michael McQuaid?

MM: Taking over the world with music. Shows, Shows, and more shows. I have an EP release show on September 5th at Autograph studios in Murfreesboro, TN. I really want to go on tour. And just writing and recording. I’m already in the studio working on the next thing for myself.