3PM Promo 2014

Baltimore, MD band 3PM have had a pretty good year. After a successful appearance at their local Warped Tour date and opening for All Time Low, the band hit the studio with acclaimed producer Paul Leavitt (All Time Low, Senses Fail, The Dangerous Summer).

“We chose Paul because he is a very decorated producer from the area and he’s worked with one of the biggest bands in our genre, All Time Low. He has a great ear for this type of music and really knows how to produce a great album,” says the band. “It was a lot of fun and overall a great experience. With Paul we spent a lot more time working on the individual songs and making them the best they can be. He has a variety of great equipment and production expertise. We are really happy with the product we got!

The result of their studio time with Paul was Slow Me Down, an eleven track collage of pop-punk influences. “We’re a pop punk band, influenced by pop-punk bands of the 2000’s with a fresh new twist. It’s fun, upbeat and emotional, just the way we like it.”

The band has been around for a few years now with an interesting dynamic. “Brandon wanted to be in a band when he was 19 and in college. So he found Scott, who loved the same kind of music, through a friend’s younger brother. He was only 13 at the time. There was a big age gap, but we still got along really well and had fun playing together. We then turned to Facebook to find Brennan who really wanted to be in a band as well. Once we all got together and started playing, we clicked instantly. Two years later, here we are!

Listen to Slow Me Down below before the album drops on August 15.