Unlocking The Truth: Before They Were Signed

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding metal trio, Unlocking The Truth (UTT), as of late. With their recent signing to Sony and partnership with Artery Recordings, the band has gathered several new fans as well as haters who are using social media to bash the young musicians and their undeniable talents.

What I think most people are forgetting is this – these boys have been doing this for years, just like other bands who are grown adults. They played the streets of Times Square long before they became an internet sensation on YouTube. They have paid their dues and deserve the love they are getting. Sure, maybe after a while, the attention will fade away and UTT will be a band of the past. Or maybe, as each member grows, this band will continue to be a power house and shock metal fans across the board. Who’s to say?

We are UTT fans and have been behind the band since our discovery of them a year ago. Below, you can read my interview with all three members before they got their big exposure, before they played for large crowds, before people cared enough to slam these children for making music and being better than most at their age.

So, read up. Embrace their innocence and remember, these are three kids living out a dream. Having dreams are cool.

Originally published in issue #37

There are a few things one must know about Unlocking The Truth before reading this interview. For starters, this band is made up of three seventh grade boys from Brooklyn, NY who’ve played music together since they were five-years-old. They play some of the heaviest metal music we’ve ever heard and they have a fear of flying. It’s also the band Hayley Williams from Paramore want’s to play with. Sounds interesting, huh?

Substream Magazine: Paramore’s Hayley Williams posted a picture of you three on Instagram a while back saying, “Unlocking The Truth #metal #pleaseplaywithusonedayeventhoughyallarecooler.” How does that make you guys feel? Is this the first musician to give you a shout out on social media?

Malcolm Brickhouse: Good. I heard about that and told my mom. It was out of the blue. I want to tour with them one day.

Alec Atkins: I didn’t know about that til now but it feels good.

Jared Dawkins: I feel really good about myself because I know I’m getting exposure from celebrities. We’ve gotten shout outs before from Born of Osiris, Chelsea Grin, Motionless In White. Mainly deathcore bands.

SM: Will Unlocking The Truth remain an instrumental trio or will you add more musicians, possibly a vocalist?

MB: Maybe a rhythm guitarist, maybe a pianoist (he meant pianist but it was too cute to cut). When people want to hear us sing, we will add a singer.

SM: Occasionally people can hear you covering bands like Chelsea Grin or songs like The Star Spangled Banner. It seems like you guys can master it all. What bands and songs do you prefer covering and why?

AA: Because we like them and those are the bands that inspire us and who we want to be like.

SM: What’s the coolest thing you’ve been able to do as musicians in UTT?

JD: The coolest thing for me was playing the Afro Punk Festival in Brooklyn.

SM: This past June, you all played in Times Square for the last time. Why’s that?

JD; We were getting overexposed. We can’t play for free anymore.

SM: In a documentary, I saw that you had mapped out a fake tour of the places you want to play and you pretend you’re playing those venues and cities while in the comfort of your basement. Are you guys still on that tour?

MB: No, but we really did play Wester Hall in Manhatthan.

JD: We actually marked off like three places that were on the fake tour.

SM: How do you guys write your songs? Is there a primary writer? UTT writes songs about love, life, and more. How do you carry your emotions over musically?

JD: Most of the time it’s about school and what happens in our life; what we like to do for fun and how things should be free.

MB: Since I write most of the lyrics. Most of them now are about being free, not letting people knock you down.

SM: Why metal?

MB: Metals different and we wanted to be different. My dad took us to wrestling shows and the entrance music was metal so I tapped into that music.

SM: You’re playing your first out of state show in Austin, TX, the Fun Fun Fun Fest. Excited?

MB: I’m nervous to fly. I don’t like flying because I think it’s going to crash but other than that, I’m excited to play for a bunch of people.

AA: I’m nervous ‘cause I’ve never been on a plane before.

JD: that’s the only thing I’m afraid of. I’ve been on a plan a bunch of times but oh god, if it falls down….

SM: What advice do you have for other kids your age trying to make their mark in the music industry?

AA: Stay true to yourself and do what you want to do.

JD: Don’t let anyone force you. Just do what you do best!

MB: Don’t let anyone tell you what to do. If they do, some day you will become better than them in some sort of way.