VIDEO PREMIERE: The Walking Tree – “We Are Free” (Swan Sessions)

The Walking Trees banner

Just so you know, The Walking Tree is the latest Long Island rock band you need to be aware of. Not savvy with a lot of bands from that area? That’s fine. The Walking Tree is all you need for the moment. Instrumentally sound with a soaring vocal delivery, this band is about to blow your mind.

Last February, The Walking Tree loaded their recording equipment and cameras into their practice space to record a set of videos called the Swan Sessions. We’re sharing the first of these with you today starting with the band’s single “We Are Free.” Everything you see in the video is filmed and edited by the band themselves.

I personally hope to see them tour with Incubus or, at the very least, NGHBRS, HRVRD, and From Indian Lakes all at once.

Check out “We Are Free” below and follow the band on Facebook.