BADBOXES Cabin Fever

Let me tell you a little bit about what we have for you here today. It’s new and it’s old, it’s fresh and it’s bold. I was told not to rhyme, but I don’t do what I’m told.

I’m joking, wouldn’t that be a trip? No, but this is. What we have for you today, in conjunction with our dear talented friends at AltarTV, is a brand new video from BADBOXES for their single, “JSMN.”

The video isn’t a music video and it’s not a performance video. It’s something in-between. Placing the Pittsburg trio in a tiny cabin last winter, AltarTV had them perform within a crowded space, littered with TVs and old lamps. The TVs display a delayed feed of the guys and the effect is almost disorienting. It’s hard to look away.

Watch the video below and grab your copy of JSMN DELUXE, the band’s 14 song debut, on iTunes. You can also download the entire Cabin Fever project from the band and AltarTV here. It includes a new song called “Here and Now.”