Stream Two New Roy English Demos, “Wasted Youth” and “Cool”

Roy English

In my years as an Internet music writer, there are a very small few who have garnered my attention in the way that R&B crooner Roy English has.

From the day Eye Alaska‘s Brandon Wronski debuted his first track as Roy English, I was hooked. Now, after 3 years of my nearly-obsessive blog postings about his tracks with Canary Dynasty creatives, I’m sure he’s annoyed of my allusion to his old Fearless Records band. Still I think it’s worth the mention for the sake of scope. Dead Letter Diaries, if you’re interested in the artist’s true beginnings. Sorry Roy!

In 2011, he dropped the Fearlove EP. It has since been pulled from the web, but let me assure you, the tracks were straight fire and remain prizes in my music collection.

In 2012, Roy laid his vocals down on a number of tracks including one by IssuesTyler Carter and pushed out a few more tracks with collaborators BRKLN. He moved to New York to work with some major producers, exciting the masses (the masses meaning me). Then radio silence. No new tunes.

Roy English Banner

A full year later, he gave us two new demos. Then things went quiet again. That was September of last year. Now, in July of 2014, we’ve been blessed with two more demos. They are “Wasted Youth” and “Cool” and they are streaming below.

If you’re unfamiliar with Roy and his God-given larynx, give these songs a try and then scour the Internet for his other tracks. It’s worth the hunt.