SPIRIT VISION PRESENTS: 100 Onces – “Science Can’t Explain Magic”

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In an effort to bring you more original content from artists you may or may not have heard of, we’ve partnered up with Spirit Vision Studios to bring you some high-quality in-studio footage of live recordings. Spirit Vision Studios is run by Ian Jennings and Ben Rosett, both of the band Strawberry Girls.

Today we bring you 100 Onces, a Los Angeles Mathrock band. Together, Barrett Tuttobene and Richard Ray represent a true dynamic duo – in every sense of the term. They are technical, groovy, and locked-in. Ray’s drumming is insanely excellent, complimenting Tuttobene’s guitar riffs quite nicely. With the use of multiple Digitech Whammy pedals, intermittent screaming, and well-played instruments, 100 Onces delivers straight-up mathrock with a punk rock attitude.

Watch 100 Onces play “Science Can’t Explain Magic” below and click here for more Spirit Vision Studio sessions.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiD5j8Cr6uw]