REVIEW: The Nearly Deads – ‘Invisible Tonight’

Self-described “post-grunge with a modern punk punch,” Nashville-based outfit, The Nearly Deads, unleash their debut full-length record, Invisible Tonight, an infectious sequel to their zombie-inspired Survival Guide EP.  Delivering post break-up, self-discovering vibes drenched with girl-power, lead vocalist Theresa Jeane maintains a dominant tone comparable to the wails of Pink or Kelly Clarkson and matches the high-stakes energy of her male counterparts’ instrumentals throughout.

Opening track and single “I Said” has the perfect ingredients for a pop-rock radio hit, with charming keys, dynamic guitars and a powerhouse chorus, as Jeane sets the self-assertive theme of the album, belting out the lines “I said we’re over cuz I can do this by myself.”  Tracks boasting just as much contagious energy and catchy choruses  include “Easy Way Out,” and the flirty “You Got Me,” where Jeane sings “You’re a secret and you’re all mine.”

Invisible Tonight hits on other relatable messages, such as in “Changeover,” which speaks on being something you’re not just for a boy, and “Brave,” an empowering, though derivative, anthem for girls everywhere.  The rocketing tempo of the record yields for tracks “In the Morning” and “Our Last Adventure,” where the instrumentals soften, yet Jeane’s vocals seem to always remain at one level.  While it’s undeniable she can belt out any note she pleases, her tone comes across a little harsh for these tracks.  That being said, she gets it perfectly right for closing track, the acoustic version of Survival Guide EP single, “Never Look Back (Reanimated),” where she displays the most impressive vocal versatility yet with delicate, fluttering notes.  Accompanied by violin and keys, they save the strongest, most emotionally compelling track for last.

While a little more artistic variety between songs would have made for a more engaging listen, the sound of Invisible Tonight is familiar and undeniably catchy, and with it The Nearly Deads prove their pop-rock/polished grunge niche, with promising potential to grow further in their craft from here.