REVIEW: Stars In Stereo – ‘Leave Your Mark’

'Leave Your Mark' available now on iTunes via Hundred Handed Inc.

Stars In Stereo‘s second full-length album, Leave Your Mark, is an eruption of seismic proportions that is about to shake up the hard rock world from its core. I admit, before really delving into it I assumed it would be as cliché as the members guyliner and leather vests would have you believe. I was surprised to learn that this album is not as stereotypical as it outwardly seemed. Sure, it features angsty lyrics and pseudo-heavy riffs, but given a closer listen it is so much more than that.

Stars In Stereo is led by vocalist Bec Hollcraft; a frontwoman who is as fierce as she is talented. Her raw energy and finely tuned pipes blaze through catchy choruses and soar above the electric undertones of Stars In Stereo’s infectious groove.

At its surface this album is essentially cookie-cutter hard rock—but it is not just shallow auditory pleasure. Leave Your Mark hooks the listener right from the start with a burst of emotion in their anthem “Not A Shot.” This song has a message as catchy as it’s chorus and promotes loving oneself. The tidal wave of feelings continue and turn darkly sexual in the title track “Leave Your Mark” a candid and real take on romance where Bec shows just how haunting her melodic, almost growling, singing can be. Hollcraft’s voice coupled with sonic riffing and adrenaline-pumping drums is set to get every listener headed toward a sensual awakening.

In “Wasted (Until I’m Gone)” it is almost impossible not to belt the chorus along with Bec. This track will have you off your feet and on the dancefloor, overtaken with its mesmerizing electronic nuances, and hits home with a deliciously groovy solo that will have you wasted with energy by the close.

Slower ballads like “FireStarter” and “Falling Forward” are brimming with passion and pure feeling, and are sure to touch even the most hardened listener on a personal level.

All things considered, this 11-song record will take you on an emotional upheaval from beginning to end. Leave Your Mark is a prime example of the spirit and honest self-expression that makes Stars In Stereo hard rock trailblazers and serves as a reminder that not all music needs to be innovative and highly technical to still be passionate and moving.

Leave Your Mark is available now on iTunes via Hundred Handed Inc.