REVIEW: Real Friends – ‘Maybe This Place Is The Same And We’re Just Changing’

Real Friends Maybe This Place

Real Friends have the needed trait of making every depressed kid who is into pop-punk know that they aren’t the only ones going through an emotional downfall. Maybe This Place Is The Same And We’re Just Changing has the capability of uniting these kinds of people together and relating to life’s struggles. This happens not only through Real Friends’ lyrics, but through quick-strumming power chords and even faster drum beats.

The much anticipated debut album follows the band’s EP Put Yourself Back Together and, honestly, both releases could be one combined into one album. The only real difference between the EP and full-length album is the attempt of screaming lyrics from vocalist Dan Lambton on tracks like “Loose Ends” and “To: My Old Self.” While it sounds like Lambton’s screaming could potentially puncture the singer’s lungs, I think with work and time it could become a great asset on the band’s future titles.

Maybe This Place….’s song “Sixteen” should keep every Real Friends fan satisfied because it sounds like a continuance of Put Yourself Back Together’s “I’ve Given Up On You.” The lyrical power and simple, light guitar melodies show just how vulnerable Real Friends is. I feel like the band needs people to hear lyrics like “I swear my skin is not as rough as I make it out to be,” more than their fans need to listen to them. These two songs might even serve as an indicator for future albums to have at least one of these same sounding songs featured.

The album shows just how lyrically alone and dark Real Friends have the potential to be when it comes to writing. In their song “Summer” Lambton sings “I’ll sit on my basement floor, turn off all of the lights, and try to not think about you.” Throughout the entire album, Real Friends’ lyrics consist of having too much space to deal with because of a failed relationship and even having the feeling of moving on but how extremely difficult it actually is to do so. The band’s emotional side is something is what pulls the fans in the most.

Maybe This Place… works because it’s entirely relatable for so many people. While the record did serve as an anticipated album, even if the album didn’t live up to your expectations, the band needs credit because it’s their debut album. You have to remember that Real Friends is still a newer band. So grab yourself some pizza and give this pop punk album a listen.