REVIEW: RadioDriveBy – ‘Afterglow’ EP

The 'Afterglow' EP is available now on iTunes.

RadioDriveBy definitely channel the likes of old school Cash Cash and fellow Arizonans The Summer Set when it comes to their sugary sweet lyrics and huge, catchy choruses, and their latest offering Afterglow EP definitely proves their worth. Pop rock bands seem to be popping up every other week nowadays and so it’s sometimes difficult for them to get noticed in such a big crowd, but RadioDriveBy they has a streak of individuality which will have you spellbound. You’ll still be humming along to that one song three days after hearing it!

The EP offers six tracks that all shine brightly on their own, with no two songs sounding the same – a tough task to master in such a genre. Opening with “Go All Night”, it’s pretty clear from the get-go that RadioDriveBy are going in a great direction and this song is the kind that you’ll know the lyrics to before its even over. One lyric, “and I kissed you in the afterglow,” makes a cute little reference to the EP’s title and solidifies the theme of the record. Next up is “Do You Still Think About Me?” in which the vocals are the strongest point, in contrast to the previous track where the fast-paced melody takes the lead. This is the kind of song where the words will be etched on your brain for weeks – they are pretty relatable, after all, if you’ve experienced love and loss.

Lyrically, “Firestarter” is more optimistic with its storyline of a new love. Guitarist Adam Simons presents incredible licks that really put the ‘rock’ in pop rock, but it’s still a track you can sing along to and, of course, dance around your bedroom to. “Wrong Place, Wrong Time” could easily rival the music produced by even the likes of Justin Timberlake, while still keeping that driving hint of rock ‘n’ roll – it’s a little darker than the rest of the record, showing a different side of RadioDriveBy. If anything, it shows their incredible versatility.

Rounding off with “Sunset Boulevard”, it’s pretty clear that the EP’s biggest flaw is only that there isn’t more of it. With Afterglow EP there’s no doubt that RadioDriveBy are going to continue capturing the attention of pop rock fans in order to expand their already large, dedicated following. If you’re looking for a record to bring a bit of sunshine in to your life, this one definitely belongs in your iTunes library!