REVIEW: Magic Man – ‘Before The Waves’

'Before The Waves' is available July 8 via Neon Gold & Columbia Records

Picture this; a summer night, driving around town to nowhere at all, with just the lights of the town and the stars in the sky guiding your way. The only thing missing from this movie-like scene is the perfect album to provide the background music for the unforgettable memories ahead. Magic Man‘s Before The Waves is the album that will make all your summer city dreams come true.

Before the Waves, which drops July 8 via Columbia Records, is the debut album from Boston based Magic Man. The album has an energetic sense of urgency, inspiring the listener to never spend one minute sitting still, but to go out and experience everything life has to offer. With singer Alex Caplow crooning lyrics like “so cover my skin with your sun kissed light, there’s a bonfire burning tonight,” from opening track “Texas,” it takes a lot of self control to not grab all your friends for a summer gathering on the beach or someone’s backyard. As stated in reverb laden  “Chicagoland” you will surely want to “shout shout shout together, stay stay stay forever.”

Besides the story-like lyrics, Before the Waves would not be the polished product it is without the magical sounds of their ever present synth, which adapts to fit the mode of any song. On “Honey,” it is used minimally, providing a soft backdrop to a tale of a man not ready to give up on what was once promised to him when he sings “you never told me why, only that it’s best to try to just forget, but I’m not finished yet.” However, on “Every Day,” the upbeat poppy synth compels the listener to get up and dance while Caplow sings “everyday I want to feel alive,” and after this track there is no way you won’t want to as well.

So if you are looking for a soundtrack to your summer nighttime drives, you have found it in Magic Man’s Before The Waves my friend. This is an album you will not want to pass up listening to. Now go grab your friends, throw this album in the car stereo, and go have an adventure. Pre-order the album on iTunes and find Magic Man on Facebook and Twitter.